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November 5, 2019  

Jason Miller - In the month of November, SBCC is building altars. We’ll be creating tangible memorials to the goodness of God in our lives. This week’s teaching explores the meaning of an altar. (Genesis and James)

October 30, 2019  

Ryan Yazel - In this gathering we check in with local community leaders to hear how our neighborhoods and schools are doing and how we can continue to become a community of grace and peace for our city.

Kathy Schutch - Executive Director of the Near Northwest Neighborhood
Kareemah Fowler - Former South Bend City Clerk, CFO of South Bend Community Schools
Dr. Todd Cummings - Superintendent of South Bend Community Schools

October 22, 2019  

Jason Miller - In week six of our Everyone an Icon series, we asked again what is the God like whose image we bear. We also celebrated baptisms.

Song from this gathering: Will We Ever Rise by The Brilliance

October 10, 2019  

Beth Graybill - In week five of Everyone an Icon, we paused to reflect on the tradition of baptism. We heard stories from a few friends in our community regarding their own baptism experiences, and reflected on how we can identify with the life of Jesus through baptism.

September 30, 2019  

Jason Miller - In week four of Everyone an Icon, we asked where our anxiety about God comes from. We turned to Exodus 20, Matthew 2 and 3, and Ephesians 1 and considered whether Jesus is an exception to the character of God or a revelation of the character of God.

September 23, 2019  

Jason Miller - In week three of our conversation about bearing the image of God, we’re continuing to ask what we know of the God whose image we bear. We consider the implications of a God who is 3-in-1. If God is a community, then we cannot bear the image of God alone.

September 18, 2019  
Jason Miller - This is week 2 in our exploration of one of SBCC's core mantra's - Everyone an Icon. We're asking, what does it mean to bear the image of God? We looked at Genesis 1, Sirach 51, Matthew 11, and Ephesians 2, and considered the creative calling on every human life to get our hands on the raw materials of the world and make something beautiful. This week's episode also features performances from guest artists Eric Marshall (Young Oceans) and John Tibbs, who joined us in our Thursday night gathering.
September 9, 2019  
Jason Miller and Beth Graybill:

One of our SBCC mantras is “Everyone an Icon” - every human being is a bearer of the image of God. Our new series will explore the meaning of this radical claim over the next several weeks. To begin, Jason Miller and Beth Graybill shared a conversation about Jesus and the ways that he calls out the dignity of the people around him, and the limiting beliefs we hold that keep us from realizing our own sacred story.

September 3, 2019  
Jason Miller - In our final week of Sacred Questions, we considered fear and its consequences for the lives we lead and the world we’re creating, through the lens of Jesus’ interactions with his friends in Luke 24 and Mark 4.
August 28, 2019  
Jason Miller - This week’s teaching wrestles with the complicated nature of desire, focusing on Jesus’s surprising interaction with a beggar in Mark 10.

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