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September 9, 2019  
Jason Miller and Beth Graybill:

One of our SBCC mantras is “Everyone an Icon” - every human being is a bearer of the image of God. Our new series will explore the meaning of this radical claim over the next several weeks. To begin, Jason Miller and Beth Graybill shared a conversation about Jesus and the ways that he calls out the dignity of the people around him, and the limiting beliefs we hold that keep us from realizing our own sacred story.

September 3, 2019  
Jason Miller - In our final week of Sacred Questions, we considered fear and its consequences for the lives we lead and the world we’re creating, through the lens of Jesus’ interactions with his friends in Luke 24 and Mark 4.
August 28, 2019  
Jason Miller - This week’s teaching wrestles with the complicated nature of desire, focusing on Jesus’s surprising interaction with a beggar in Mark 10.
August 20, 2019  
Jason Miller - We begin a new series this week, hearing some of the sacred questions that are asked in Scripture.
August 14, 2019  

Ryan Yazel - 

Genesis 1; Genesis 12; Matthew 25
August 9, 2019  
August 9, 2019  
Spencer French - In this week’s message, we continue to investigate the ways the body has been marred by bad theology. Then, we attempt to recover a proper understanding of the body-centered on the Christian teaching of the Imago Dei, divine empathy in Christ, and the eventual restoration of all things. Genesis 1:26-27, John 1:14, Revelation 21:1-4
August 9, 2019  
Haleigh Smith - This week we continue the conversation we sparked before our week-long break. During this “prayers of the people” practice, we engage with poems, communal prayers, and teaching that grapple with the difficulties of living an embodied life as those created in the image of God when messages we’re given often disregard that truth.
July 8, 2019  
July 8, 2019  
Ryan Yazel - Luke 18, Luke 14:15-21

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