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August 14, 2019  

Ryan Yazel - 

Genesis 1; Genesis 12; Matthew 25
August 9, 2019  
August 9, 2019  
Spencer French - In this week’s message, we continue to investigate the ways the body has been marred by bad theology. Then, we attempt to recover a proper understanding of the body-centered on the Christian teaching of the Imago Dei, divine empathy in Christ, and the eventual restoration of all things. Genesis 1:26-27, John 1:14, Revelation 21:1-4
August 9, 2019  
Haleigh Smith - This week we continue the conversation we sparked before our week-long break. During this “prayers of the people” practice, we engage with poems, communal prayers, and teaching that grapple with the difficulties of living an embodied life as those created in the image of God when messages we’re given often disregard that truth.
July 8, 2019  
July 8, 2019  
Ryan Yazel - Luke 18, Luke 14:15-21
June 23, 2019  
Books of Esther & Daniel, James 4:17
June 11, 2019  

Sometimes on the open road we find what we need, not necessarily what we want. We close our How To Wander series at the Communion Table, a meal of belonging, and ask: how do we become a community of radical belonging-- a kind of belonging nomads and wanderers share with one another?

June 4, 2019  
A look at two characters from Scripture who wandered far from home. One was called out. One was kicked out. And both have something to teach us about the power of what can happen when we wander.
May 29, 2019  

A conversation between our lead pastor and Dave Armstrong, team leader at Redeemer Central Church in Belfast, Northern Ireland

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