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January 14, 2020  

Jason Miller - It’s a new year, and we’re talking about growth. How do we keep going when the things that brought us this far can’t take us further? (John 20, Hebrews 5, and Philippians 1)

We close by reflecting on our own spiritual journeys. Here are some of the questions from the guided meditation.

Movement 1: What are some beliefs or experiences that marked the start of your spiritual journey? 

Who are some people that impacted your journey at the time? 

What were some of the emotions, positive or negative?

Movement 2: What did your faith look like as you grew and matured?

What are some beliefs that were really important to you back then? 

What are some beliefs that have changed since then?

Movement 3: Was your faith ever challenged or broken?

What questions were you asking God, or about God?

Did your faith eventually go back to the way things were or are things forever different on this side? 

Movement 4: What are some things we can learn from the people who have helped us along our spiritual journey?

Are there any habits or practices or postures that would be good for us to try?

What are some ways we help others on their journey?


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