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April 19, 2020  

Beth Graybill - In the weeks after Easter, we're finding ourselves in stories of Jesus from the Gospels. This week, Beth Graybill takes us into Luke 24. At the end of Beth's teaching, she asks these questions for our Open Floor:

How are you making meaning in the midst of your grief?
What practices, old or new, do you find comforting and healing in this season?
How has Jesus made himself real to you in the midst of your grief right now?

If you'd like to share with us, please call 574-387-2151 and share a response to one of those questions. Then, on Thursday, April 23, we'll include some of your messages in our Open Floor episode. 

We also released our 2019 annual report this week, and you can find it online here. If you have any questions about the information in the report, contact our executive pastor, Matt Graybill, at


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