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January 12, 2020  

A conversation between Jason Miller and our friend Dave Armstrong, pastor of Redeemer Central Church in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Dave closes our gatherings with this benediction, an adaptation of the Prayer of St. Patrick:

May Christ protect you today

Against anger, against jealousy,

Against fear, against timidity,

So that His justice may flow through you 

and you may share in its reward.

Christ with you,

Christ before you,

Christ behind you;

Christ within you,

Christ beneath you,

Christ above you;

Christ to the right of you, Christ to the left of you;

Christ in your lying,

Christ in your sitting,

Christ in your rising;

Christ in the heart of all who think of you, 

Christ on the tongue of all who speak to you, 

Christ in the eye of all who see you,

Christ in the ear of all who hear you.

And may grace and peace be with you

[all together]

And also with you.


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